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Blanche x Brands

We've chosen exclusive brands, some of them you cannot find anywhere else in the Czech Republic. Find some comfortable lingerie for moments of solitude or some irresistible pieces for your romantic adventures. We also have our own brand: Kate & Paula.


Proudly and exclusively handmade in Italy

The choice of the name AMBRA comes from the precious and seductive fossil resin, otherwise known as the gold of the Baltic. AMBRA for its garments, uses some of the most precious materials that the market can offer. Precise embroidery, original lace, the best quality fabrics. All, along with long tradition and handmade experience causes creation of unique pieces and makes Ambra interpret lingerie creation as an art rather than a job.


Come and be enchanted by 100% Italian lingerie of the highest quality.

stamp v2 Ariane Delarue.png

The Ariane Delarue brand is known for its romantic and feminine silhouette, and its impeccable dedication to an exquisite fit for each of its limited edition pieces. Ariane designs and carefully fits each garment herself in her atelier; keeping sustainability and environmental impact in mind at every step, beginning with the design process.

The entire collection is hand-designed with artisanal Haute-Couture techniques from shape and fit to pattern-making. The collection is carefully cut by hand in the atelier and sewn together in their entirety by one maker.

Selection of materials is based on factors such as whether the fabric can last a lifetime, and whether it will biodegrade at the end of its lifecycle. She buys laces on existing stocks from local boutiques. They are mainly antiques (from the 19th century),when they were slowly, intricately woven in France. Due to the production and sourcing process, Ariane Delarue collections are very exclusive and limited editions.


Chic erotic lingerie, for lover's games.


Airy laces, clever overlays of voile, soft feathers, judiciously placed magnets, lingerie to be unbuttoned... Born from the imagination of its creator, the Parisian brand Atelier Amour shakes up the codes of traditional lingerie to offer you unique and playful pieces, ideal to spice up your love games. With its know-how, Atelier Amour offers simplified size parts that can be adjusted as required.


Bracli combines jewellery, lingerie and stimulation. This is something new and original, different from any other known garment on the market. Perfect for a special occasion and enjoy new and exciting experiences full of subtlety.

Vienna G-String, Crossed Bra and Harness Garter 1.jpg

From generation to generation, the daughters of one same family successively invent a new way of dressing, define the rules and make them evolve according to the times, always adding that special touch which honours the reputation of the House. The CADOLLE salons, an essential and international gathering place in Paris for two centuries, are still welcoming the most refined and famous women of the world.

After all, the founder of the brand - Herminie Cadolle - was the inventor of the first bra, when she freed women from the corset and allowed them to breathe more freely. Visit our boutique and find for you some of the gems of this iconic brand.In our offer you will find not only lingerie, but also nightgowns or robes and, of course, world-famous corsets.

CADOLLE  corset square .jpg

Italian for "beautiful thing", Cosabella was founded by husband and wife duo Valeria and Ugo Campello in 1983. The Cosabella philosophy is rooted in exceptional quality, classic Italian craftsmanship and unexpected details.


Always blending traditional Italian artisanship with fashion-forward innovations, Cosabella aspires to create feminine, timeless designs that evoke confidence and individuality for every woman.


Since establishment, Cosabella values its intrinsic relationships with Italian artisans. Its prized family-run workshops remain tucked away in villas dotted throughout Italy. Beautiful details and fascinating color combinations - that’s the Cosabella brand for us.


Famous Italian brand established in 1981 by Roberto Crescentini. Over the years Cotton Club has become one of the leading brands in the world of corsetry and lingerie, known above all for the quality, refinement of materials and attention to artisan details.

The Cotton Club products are synonymous with prestige and elegance. Wearing them each woman can confidently display her charm.

All products are 100% MADE IN ITALY


An expert for lingerie since 1885

The company Felina has developed from a small corset factory to a global lingerie enterprise. The Conturelle brand was created as a luxury brand of Felina. The women’s lingerie collections are created at the brand’s design center in Mannheim.

Conturelle brightens up your sensual side. Elegant lingerie in a seductive design with imaginative fit and high quality lace prefers your shape and lets your cleavage stand out – the best materials and love for detail ensure your comfort even with bigger cups lingerie.


Created in 1946, Empreinte is one of those beautiful French houses of high-end lingerie.


An expert in generous beauty, Empreinte dresses women from C cups to H cups; all body types, all sizes. Empreinte aims to: "Release confidence and reconcile women with their bodies through corsetry combining unique support and French elegance". 


It is based on a strong DNA around trust, generosity and innovation. Empreinte combines comfort and support, aesthetics and French elegance. By choosing to work exclusively with European materials, Empreinte has opted for a reasoned and sustainable manufacturing model. The quality requirement, the choice of precious and exclusive materials is what guides us in each of our creations.


This luxury brand was founded in 1932 by Flora Frosali Lastraioli. Elegance and comfort come together in creations that enhance the profile of the female figure. The application of delicate embroidery on the garments is the distinctive feature that characterizes the brand. Each collection tells the story of the long

handcrafted tradition of high fashion. 

Nightgowns, robes and pajamas are finely embroidered and handcrafted in the atelier. The refinement and attention to every detail represent the elegance of the classic feminine style.

Nightgowns like from a movie, the highest quality silk in the form of satin or georgette, the finest embroideries, beautiful lace, an original range of colors.

Come and let yourself be enchanted and experience the feeling of being

in a fairy tale.


Designers and manufacturers of embroidery for the Haute Couture industry since 1938.


In the 90’s they started offering their services to the High End Lingerie segment. The Louise Bracq company is unique as it is the only company which creates, develops and produces its own exclusive embroideries in its workshop in France.


The Louisa Bracq brand was developed and established initially in the French market before exporting internationally. For some years now the brand has been available in countries around the world. Visit our boutique and discover the beauty of pure and exclusive French embroidery.


Specialized in fine, sensual, glamorous, naughty lingerie of high quality with a 100% French know-how. Find at LUXXA, all the declinations of underwear useful to your days and to spice up your nights. LUXXA sublimates the feminine curves thanks to the noble materials and the details of quality. The accessories in several lines only complete the overall charm.


Belgian lingerie label Marie Jo creates elegant and perfectly fitting lingerie that makes women feel self-assured, all day long – whatever the day may bring! The stylish designs feature surprising details, inspired by art, interior design and architecture.

The amazing fit of all Marie Jo styles gives an ultimate feeling of comfort and flatters every type of breast. Dressing up, or dressing down? Marie Jo is always a perfect match for any occasion or mood.



Kate & Paula is our private brand, created for women of all types of figure and sizes. Actually our brand includes laces robes, camisoles, different types of bodies and a night sleeping set.


We also focus our attention on accessories like sleeping masks and gloves. Some pieces are a little bit spice, other more romantic. We emphasize the shape of the female silhouette. We use stretchy materials, decently translucent lace and tulle. We have chosen all materials personally here in Czech Repbulic and also at the lingerie fair in Paris.

All pieces are handmade in the Czech Republic. Our designer takes care of every detail. Some pieces can be tailor made. 

Come to discover „Handmade for Love in Czechia

Original brand from Netherlands and the name of its founder and fashion designer.

Marlies Dekkers perceives the female body and underwear as a canvas on which something unique can be created, and this philosophy has guided the entire brand of high-quality women's underwear since its inception. The main original element are the refined straps, which often frame the shape of the cups and create a unique appearance of the lingerie. Pieces from this brand can be worn uncovered and emphasize the strength and self-confidence of any women.


Feminine, impressive and incredibly sexy underwear for unique looks!

All MED designs are inspired of the Mediterranean jet set life style. The woman's style is very contemporary, colorful, using shining fabrics and amazing accessories. 
Delicate dresses give the total elegant look. 


All products of the Italian brand Moretta, named after its founder Adele Moretti, is entirely made in Italy by highly skilled craftsmenship.

Only top quality silk, wool or cotton yarns are used and made even more precious by Valenciennes or Chantilly laces, sophisticated embroideries or fashion accessories.

The result is precise piece that balances classical and casual styles enhancing the beauty of a woman’s body.

Moretta is more...


Creating stylish lingerie with a superior fit for women with a larger cup size – that is the mission of luxury lingerie brand Prima Donna. Stunning lingerie that fits like a glove boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel confident and feminine.


For more than a hundred years, the Prima Donna team in the studio in Belgium has passed down its passion for the craft to design lingerie that promises unrivalled comfort and support. Every day, Prima Donna pushes past its creative and technical limits to translate the latest trends into wearable lingerie for women with a larger cup size.


Under the credo less is more founder and designer Agathe D. Muffert launched the contemporary brand Opaak in Spring 2017 - a bodywear line made to last beyond seasons. 

Each collection offers timeless essentials for the modern wardrobe, while celebrating the versatility of today’s womanhood through art and photography.

Are you not a fun of lace and yet you want interesting lingerie for everyday wearing as well as special moments?

Opaak is the right brand. Come and try something new.

RCrescentini Private Collection

RCrescentiny is a private collection by the italian brand Cotton Club. All pieces look very refined. The models are a combination of original design, well-fitting cuts and very pleasant materials. If you want to try something really unusual, RCrescentini Private Collection is the right choice.

Sciaraseta-logo-9_06 (2).png

Pure silk from Italy with fifty years of experience


In the world of professional clothing, the ability to maintain the characteristics of the items over time is fundamental for a manufacturer: the Pellegrini company, with its fifty years of experience, offers this reliability. 


Sciara items maintain a high degree of production homogeneity over time, such as fabrics

and patterns, to guarantee all customers the constancy of their image.

Sophie 1.jpg

We like the idea of the Spanish brand Ysabel Mora that we would live much better if we felt good as we are, without the demands of a „perfect“ life and body.


For this reason, they manufacture items in materials that adapt to any body, at any time and circumstance. Come and try for example their beautiful slippers, that are incredibly chic and comfortable at the same time.

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