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Ariane Delarue

The Ariane Delarue brand is known for its romantic and feminine silhouette, and its impeccable dedication to an exquisite fit for each of its limited edition pieces. Ariane designs and carefully fits each garment herself in her atelier; keeping sustainability and environmental impact in mind at every step, beginning with the design process.

The entire collection is hand-designed with artisanal Haute-Couture techniques from shape and fit to pattern-making. The collection is carefully cut by hand in the atelier and sewn together in their entirety by one maker.

Selection of materials is based on factors such as whether the fabric can last a lifetime, and whether it will biodegrade at the end of its lifecycle. She buys laces on existing stocks from local boutiques. They are mainly antiques (from the 19th century),when they were slowly, intricately woven in France. Due to the production and sourcing process, Ariane Delarue collections are very exclusive and limited editions.

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