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About Us

Beautiful lingerie can be an experience, selecting it, wearing it -
for you and the person who will admire you in it.


Our Story


Our initial inspiration was an amazing experience in a luxury lingerie boutique near St. Stephenʼs Cathedral in Vienna.


There we discovered that just the process of selecting beautiful lingerie may be a real experience in the right environment with professional and friendly service. That every woman likes to try something new when given the right inspiration and that there are no boundaries, whether in mindset, age, size or anything else, as long as we feel welcome, relaxed and can be ourselves at the store.


This is why we have opened a boudoir in the Old Town for all of you who would like to buy something beautiful to wear and also want to feel fabulous while doing it.


We will also be happy to advise gentlemen visiting our shop to buy an original gift.


We look forward to seeing you.



Kateřina Bílá


Pavlína Dluhošová

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